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this is got7’s ‘heavenly’ leader im jaebum

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when kris said the food wasn’t “his style” but ends up hogging chanyeol’s food…

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I wanna be your lover. Why can’t you know my love?

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there’s so much that you just don’t see

there’s so much that you just don’t see

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12 of 100 edits of flawless lee jieun

12 of 100 edits of flawless lee jieun

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Me: So, Mark…
Mark: Yep.
Me: I have a question for you.
Mark: Okay.
Me: Do all the girls really want a piece of you?
Mark: (shocked face) Noooooononononono!!
Me: (laffing) Are you sure?
Mark: Yeah! No! I mean! They’re not my lyrics–our PD wrote them, I didn’t write them!
Me: Okay, okay, if you’re sure!
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sassy mark, he is done with this shit

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My feels

My feels

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